What you need to know about sheep breeding

INTRODUCTION Sheep breeding is a term used to refer to the mating of sheep using a single ram which has been selected by the farmer or established its dominance through physical fights with other rams. The aim of sheep breeding is not only reproduction but also improving the quality of the flock. As a result

The role of sheep feeding equipment on your farm

One of the main keys to a successful sheep farm is investing in the best sheep feeding equipment for your flock. Sheep feeding ias very important if you want your lambs to grow into healthy sheep with good weight, quality meat and quality wool. In most communities, farmers feed their sheep the old fashioned way;

The lambing season

Lambing is the most important period in a sheep’s year and to the shepherd too. It is the time when you get to usher in the new generation of sheep to add to your herd and wealth. While sheep can deliver without the help of a veterinarian or shepherd, it is important to always maintain